Dr. Cecil Mercer's Math Package

Dr. Cecil Mercer's Math Package
  • Dr. Cecil Mercer's Math Package

Dr. Cecil Mercer's Math Package

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This math program was written by Dr. Cecil Mercer for teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The four components taught are the understanding of math facts and operations, the concepts and rules, progress monitoring with corrective feedback and practice until mastery.

FOR STUDENTS: With significant learning difficulties 

INSTRUCTION: One instructor with one student


  • Affordable – Not consumable and can be reused year after year
  • Adaptable – Great Leaps can be implemented easily as a parent or in an entire school district
  • Data Driven – Equal ratio charts are kept to gauge student progress and can be used to predict student progress
  • Efficient – Takes about 25 minutes a day broken into 5 minute sessions, five days per week
  • Simple – Multi-sensory math without expensive gimmicks


  • Attention Span – Working within a student’s attention span daily yields the best results in learning
  • Improved Confidence – Individualized attention and positive reinforcement builds confidence and motivation
  • Academic Growth – Mastering basic math facts reduces arithmetic errors in higher and science courses while increasing mathematical creativity
  • Behavior Academic confidence often leads to a decrease in referrals


  • Daily oral and written lessons allow students to work until mastery
  • As the student progresses lessons become more difficult


  • The instructor administers five, five-minute sessions daily
  • This includes an Object Lesson, Drawing Lesson, Oral Practice Lesson, Written Fluency Lessons, and a Written Generalization Fluency Lesson
  • This program is a holistic approach to teaching basic math facts in a classroom setting through a multi-sensory approach
  • Responses and errors are charted after each lesson and data is tracked


  • There is immediate correction by the tutor when an error made is reinforcement through coaching
  • As the student builds speed and accuracy confidence and motivation increase


  • Precision teaching assessment methods bring students to master their math facts quickly and effectively


  • Great Leaps programs require an instructor to implement with immediate correction
  • One on one instruction ensures the student’s focus and effort where a computer program alone cannot
  • Answers are provided for the tutor for immediate correction

Dr. Cecil Mercer’s Math Package

  • Addition and Subtraction facts 0-9, Addition and Subtraction Facts 10-18, Multiplication and Division Facts 0-81 complete with corresponding workbooks
  • 3 spiral bound teacher books with object drawing and oral lessons
  • 3 workbooks with written exercises that can be copied


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