Great Leaps Reading Tutoring Launch

Great Leaps Reading Tutoring Launch

We’re beyond excited to announce the release of our new, online tutoring platform! We’ve seen that Great Leaps fits perfectly into the emerging online tutoring model and with that, we have the opportunity to bring literacy directly to students through our own, trained tutors. For 25 years, we have refined our reading program and have reached well-over 500,000 students. For the last 5 years, we have developed our digital reading program and now have the capability to train and empower online tutors to reach students directly! 

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Great Leaps Tutoring Platform Explained:

As a parent, you will get to select from one of our trained tutors based on their bio, availability, and eventually the reviews they have gotten from other parents. Each tutor’s bio will explain their credibility, reason behind why they’re tutoring and other interests they have that might help them relate to you and your child. Also listed is their availability, broken down into 15-minute blocks, the length of a Great Leaps Tutoring session. When you create your account, everyone begins with a FREE 15 minute session with the tutor of your choice. This will give you the opportunity to essentially “try out” a tutor for free. That tutor will do a reading screening with your child to see if they would benefit from Great Leaps. They will also provide you with some error analysis on your child’s reading problems, if appropriate, and answer questions you might have about the program. 

Now that you feel reassured that this is the right tutor and program for you, take a look at their schedule and choose 5 times per week to connect via video chat for 15-minute tutoring sessions. This will be paid for on a monthly basis, and the times you choose will repeat each week. Schedule times that the child can have access to a laptop or computer with a webcam, a strong internet connection, and a space the child can work that’s mostly free of distractions. Please choose a time you can monitor and assist when needed. The last session of each month you will meet with the tutor who will explain your child’s growth over the past month, any challenges they are working on, and answer questions you might have. If you’re thrilled with the results, (and we’re confident you will be) you can sign up for your next month! You’ll then have the option to switch to another tutor if you choose, OR stick with the same one and continue to strengthen that relationship! If you feel unsure and want our help choosing a tutor, contact Great Leaps and we will happily recommend a tutor that we feel will work best with our child!

Here’s five distinct advantages you get by choosing Great Leaps Tutoring!

  1. The online platform enables instruction 5 times per week. Daily instruction is proven to be far more effective than one-hour long sessions once or twice a week offered by most traditional tutoring services. This insures learning that sticks and better yet, performance that more quickly results in successes.

  2. 15 minutes a day can be easily fit into even the busiest schedules. Students have successfully done Great Leaps Tutoring before or after school. Short sessions work within a student’s attention span to maximize focus and productivity. This is especially beneficial to students struggling with ADD/ADHD.

  3. Remote tutoring means there’s no wasted time driving to and from a location. Coordinating tutoring between separated households or over holidays is not a problem. Not even a blizzard can get in the way! 

  4. We’re incredibly affordable for private tutoring! The best results come from one-on-one instruction. Some online competitors limit personal instruction time to save money, and tutoring centers have to drive up the price for parents to make sure they cover their rent and other overhead costs. You do not have to get a second mortgage and work with a tutor for years to take your child to that dream of independent reading! Wait until you see the smiles coming from successes with Great Leaps Reading. Their smiles will lead to your tears of joy!

  5. The MOST important strength is the Great Leaps Reading program itself. We’ve proven it works for 25 years. Our program has been academically researched multiple times and shown to be effective with students from a variety of backgrounds who are behind in reading and struggle with learning disabilities. Yes, this includes dyslexia. Our online tutored students have averaged 1.9 years of growth in the first 18 weeks of work! For many parents who have been struggling for years with their child, this is nothing short of miraculous.

Try it or OR spread the word!

In honor of our 25th year anniversary and the launch of Great Leaps Tutoring, we’re offering parents 25% off of your first month of tutoring! We know how much many parents spend on dyslexia testing or programs that don’t work. So sign up today to start with your Free Session AND if your child is a good fit, you’ll save 25%, which gives us time to PROVE we can bring your child fluency and comprehension at little cost to you!

Also, just about everyone knows someone directly or indirectly who has a child that’s behind in their reading. Do us a favor, and share this article with your friends and family. You never know who’s life the gift of literacy might change!

We're on a Mission

We’re taking aim to change the world of reading tutoring to benefit parents, tutors and especially students. Our mission is to create a platform that virtually guarantees fast results and a great experience for students while offering convenience and affordable pricing for the parent. YOU choose the tutor. YOU choose what time works best with your schedule. YOU get to sit back and witness your child develop fluency and comprehension skills alongside a renewed sense of self confidence as they work through the program.

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