About Us

Great Leaps Programs are well recognized throughout the world as highly effective educational tools to help students overcome challenges and experience the joy of learning. Our team of educators and consultants strives to assist education with research based and evidence based programs that are affordable and achieve significant results.


Campbell's 36 year teaching career and his extensive study of accomplished academic researchers certainly adds credibility to the highly effective Great Leaps Programs, but his passion to help children is really the driving force behind the company and its growth.

Ken was teaching children with learning disabilities at North Marion Middle School (Central Florida) and realized that both classroom time and solutions were lacking in helping children learn to read. He began developing and practicing his Great Leaps Reading Program in 1991. A well-known professor from the University of Florida, Cecil Mercer, was touring local schools and witnessed an intriguing incident at Ken's school. Dr. Mercer heard a young man tell the principal, Scott Hackmyer, that he wanted an assembly time moved so that it would not interfere with his reading lesson. Mercer thought that was strange and checked out Great Leaps in action. Fran DeFalco, a paraprofessional, was helping children with reading in the back of a very noisy cafeteria. After witnessing this Dr. Mercer asked for some copies of Ken's program so that he could do a trial at Buchholz High School in Gainesville, Florida. The trial was a huge success and Dr. Mercer presented the data and the initial program at the Learning Disabilities Association Conference in Chicago. Ken was urged to publish and Great Leaps was launched.

Now in all fifty states and over forty countries Great Leaps has grown and continues to grow because of the quality and effectiveness of the programs and Ken's passion to help children reach their potential. Ken's understanding of numerous educational challenges motivated him to help solve a variety of problems so students can achieve reading and math fluency. Ken's experiences as a teacher gave him a profound understanding of numerous student problems and motivated him to create effective solutions.


We were one of three companies chosen for reading interventions in New York City. Numerous articles have cited the effectiveness of our programs. We have received acceptance from the Florida Center for Reading Research and the Minnesota Literary Council.

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