What sets Great Leaps apart from other programs?

Great Leaps is a comprehensive intervention program for reading, language and mathematics that is designed and proven to generate significant and lasting gains.

Great Leaps reading takes less than ten minutes a day at least 3 times per week for substantive improvement. Great Leaps math takes only five minutes a day at least 3 times per week for optimum growth.

For whom was Great Leaps designed?

All students can benefit from the skills acquisition generated by Great Leaps. Initially, Great Leaps was designed as reading, language and math interventions for students with moderate to significant reading, language and or mathematics difficulties.

Who may administer the Great Leaps interventions?

Great Leaps can utilize community members to meet the intervention needs of students. Educators, therapists, paraprofessionals, parents, volunteers and peers can use the program to work with students and obtain significant results that generalize.

In which settings can Great Leaps be used?

Great Leaps is a program used successfully in a variety of settings: general education classrooms, reading labs, resource rooms, self-contained special education classrooms, independent tutoring labs, after school centers and in homes.

What is the Great Leaps Language Growth program?

Language Growth teaches phonological awareness in 10-45 minutes of small group instruction. Phonemic and morphemic awareness are critical prerequisites for reading.

What comes with the Great Leaps Package?

When you purchase a Great Leaps Package it is all-inclusive. Instructors may purchase the progress monitoring charts in packages of 100, or can copy the chart from the back of the manual.

How do I know if I need the instructor manual or a package?

Parents have primarily purchased the Great Leaps Reading Fluency Instructor Manual. The instructor’s manual includes an introduction, instruction section, teaching sections, as well as an appendix. The package, primarily purchased by schools and institutions, includes two books, the instructor and student manuals. The student manual has only the teaching sections; additionally the pages have larger fonts without any distracting word counts or teacher instructions. Purchasing the package allows instructors to sit across from students.

Which level should I purchase?

All Great Leaps Reading intervention products begin at a very low level and work progressively toward more difficult material. All manuals should be purchased at the social level of the student not the reading level. A student does not progress from the elementary to the middle school program – both programs begin at the pre-primer level of reading and work toward an independent reading level.

Why doesn't Great Leaps provide pictures or audio recordings of the stories?

Providing pictures does nothing to enhance the student’s ability to picture what they have been reading. Electronic or audio recordings, though offering modeling, tend to remove or lessen a piece of the joy of reading. Getting a joke on your own, catching a trick ending, and so forth, are all a significant part of the joy of reading. When someone’s voice in a recording gives away those endings, it eliminates a certain amount of pleasure and in turn may impede motivation.

Do I need to purchase the Great Leaps Digital Countdown Timer?

The choice of what kind of timer to use is up to the instructor. The Great Leaps Digital Countdown Timer has been custom designed to meet any instructor needs, equipped with an easel, a magnet and alarm as well as a light if the noise from the alarm is distracting.

Why do you use an equal ratio chart?

The chart we use is an equal ratio or multiply-divide chart that shows percentage movement, which gives the most relevant reading gains, picture for progress monitoring.

Why doesn’t Great Leaps use content education in the stories?

The goal of Great Leaps is to quickly take a non-fluent reader to fluency, which is reading approaching the rate of conversation with deep understanding. Evidence indicates that processing academic content material slows down reading and fluency. With only a one-minute daily reading timing, efficiency is imperative. Great Leaps stories are written at the conversational level allowing the written words on the page to come alive as language.

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