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Our students average a full year of reading growth with just 22 hours of instruction!

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Students can't read by the end of 3rd grade


Juveniles in the court system are illiterate


Students who can't read by 4th grade have a higher chance of ending up in jail or on wellfare


3rd graders who can't read are 4x more likely to drop out later in school

And yet...

90%+ of students with reading troubles can be taught with early intervention!



  • Our tutoring students on average show just under 2 years of instructional grade level reading growth in just the first four months of instruction when working 5 days per week.

    Parents and teachers report a decrease in behavioral referrals and academic frustration in the home.

    Students become increasingly motivated as the see and celebrate their success and growth with their instructor.
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Research Using Great Leaps

  • Our program has been backed by studies and proven to be effective in helping boost reading level growth. Here are just a few examples of those studies:

The Effects of Great Leaps Reading on the Reading Fluency of Elementary Students with Reading and Behavioral Deficits

Shultz Ashley, Gwendolyn

View Study

Effects of a Reading Fluency Intervention for Middle Schoolers With Specific Learning Disabilities, Learning Disabilities Research & Practice

Cecil D. Mercer, Kenneth U. Campbell, M. David Miller, Kenneth D. Mercer & Holly B. Lane

View Study

The Effects of a Fluency Intervention Program on the Fluency and Comprehension Outcomes of Middle-School Students with Severe Reading Deficits

Spencer, S. A., & Manis, F. R.

View Study
  • Our programs have helped students in all 50 states and 40+ countries achieve an average of 2 years per year of grade level reading growth. See how Great Leaps changed these students lives:

Liam was told he would never be an independent reader. After trying several programs that failed, he finally found HUGE success with Great Leaps. Now he's reading Harry Potter!


Great Leaps has reached

600,000+  Students

In our 25+ years of service.

Student Success Stories

  • Literacy changes lives! Checkout a couple incredible stories from our Great Leaps Reading students! 
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