Leaping Into The New School Year!

Leaping Into The New School Year!

These Organizations CRUSHED IT in 2019!

Reading fluency and comprehension is arguably the most important skill our children learn during their time in school. It impacts nearly every subject matter directly and is crucial for independent learning that comes outside of school and in our adult lives. Sadly, across the country the school systems have been failing students in need of this vital skill. Many of them continue on, year after year, in school while remaining functionally illiterate! This summer, several organizations have had huge success with struggling students and deserve to be highlighted in hopes that others will follow their lead! Here's one of our favorites!


The Sanctuary on 8th Street

The Sanctuary on 8th Street is attacking this problem head on and winning back the community! Through utilizing the Great Leaps Reading Program and with support from the North American Literacy Initiative, they have had an exciting level of success with their at risk students. The Sanctuary on 8th Street took it upon themselves to organize caring adults to make a real change in the lives of struggling students! They’re now up to over 100 students in their school and summer programs! 

Checkout this great video to learn more about their story! (Be warned, this video may elicit an emotional response and inspire YOU to join their mission!)

Sanctuary on 8th Street video from Cal Findeiss on Vimeo.

Last year they truly made GREAT LEAPS! The students worked hard alongside their caring volunteers and staff! Here are the results from 5 months of Great Leaps instruction!

2nd grade students moved 2.48 years ahead!

3rd grade students moved 1.98 years ahead!

4th grade students moved 1.65 years ahead!

5th Grade students moved 2.85 years ahead!



Thanks to each and every school, teacher, parent, volunteer and student who have made Great Leaps happen in 2019! There are exciting things happening with our digital reading program and we’ve continued to hear incredible stories about your students that inspire us to work harder each and every day! CONGRATULATIONS to all of our students working hard out there!



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