My Child is Struggling With...

My Child is Struggling With...

Many times we see that while a student is making great progress with their reading they are behind in other related areas. Perhaps they aren’t aware of the sounds that make up words (phonemic awareness) or maybe they just don’t seem to get the hang of rhyming. Maybe they don’t know their times tables or always have to count on their fingers. Great Leaps has other products available that can help in other areas your student may be struggling with.

Check out the Great Leaps Language Growth for Emergent Readers book if your student is in second grade or below or go to the Language Growth for Grades 3-8 book if your student is older.  With sections on Phonemic Awareness, Morphemic Awareness and Rhyming as well as lessons in building vocabulary and eliciting expressive language the Great Leaps Language Growth Program can address many of the other areas that your student may be having a hard time in.

And for our students who are struggling in math we have a full line of math interventions. Imagine spending 2-3 minutes a day working on math with your student and them actually learning their times tables! We have math books for the basic operations as well as two books on fractions and a book on decimals. Click here to find the Great Leaps Oral Calculation books if your student can use some help in getting those math facts to really stick.

Let’s make this school year be the one that your child shines their brightest in all subjects!

By Lisa Skisland

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