Administrator Testimonials

There is something special about Great Leaps...It's the very defined, sequential nature of the progression of tasks that keeps them hooked. As the passages get longer and the phrases more difficult, they roll their eyes, say, 'Oh, no!' but with a glint in their eyes at the prospect of the challenge, dig in.

Dr. Eileen M. 
Department of Education
New York City, New York

One of the amazing factors of Great Leaps is the results are so quick and dramatic. The students are shocked by their progress and this becomes self-reinforcing. Students ask to skip field trips and assemblies so they won't miss Great Leaps.

Scott H. 
Ocala, Florida

Students love the adventure and humor of the stories. Great Leaps does a terrific job of combining the teaching of word recognition skills with high-interest reading material. It provides opportunities for teachers and paraprofessionals to engage students daily in motivating reading experiences.

Dr. Cecil Mercer
University of Florida College of Special Education
Gainesville, Florida

I must reiterate to you how wonderful I think your program is. I have close to 30 years of teaching behind me and this is a program that I think is really worth every bit of hype it gets, and does what it sets out to do.

Gaila M. 
Executive Director, A.H.A.V.A. English Literacy Program
Jerusalem, Israel

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