Parent Testimonials

Great Leaps is the greatest reading program I have ever seen anywhere. In February of 2000 my youngest stepson came to live with his father and me. He had never attended formal school, having been home schooled when parents were married, and his mother made sure she kept up with his studies. However from age 9 years to age 14 years of age after his parents divorced he had very little schooling. By the time he came to live with us it was discovered his reading level was less than 3rd grade level.

I did my research and discovered the Great Leaps reading program and ordered the Adult reading program for him. Within two months our son was reading at college level. His motivation that summer was to be able to read Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and when we finished Great Leaps, he went on to read the complete series. Today he is capable of reading technical manuals as well as pleasure reading. He is now 29 years old, enjoys reading, works as a linemen and has a wife and two lovely little children.

Lisa B. 
Plano, Texas

I have been using Great Leaps Grade 3-5 with my grandson, who is in grade 4. He has a diagnosed learning disability and ADHD, and was a full two years behind in reading. When we started the program, he was reading about 70 correct words per minute, and could not read grade level material independently. After five months at five times per week, we are finishing the program. He has doubled his reading speed and comprehension, regularly achieving 140 correct words per minute on grade 5 level material, while also answering the comprehension questions correctly. I am so pleased with the program.

Although I am a special education teacher, I could not have achieved this success without Great Leaps. It's easy to use, all laid out, just add your time and effort.

Thank you for creating this program, and helping me help my grandson to make his "great leap".

Susan H. 
Vancouver, Canada

We've been using the program for 2-3 months now & what we've witnessed with my son has been close to miraculous. His reading has taken off! I've recommended this program to many of my home-schooling friends, in real life and online. At least one of them has purchased the program. My initial contact with your company was a phone call to Ken. He spent an hour speaking with me and answered all my questions. That gave me a very positive impression.

Brenda Peter 
Home Schooling Mom

The Yale University Dyslexia Program referred our son to Great Leaps when he was in the 2nd grade, 5 years ago. We worked on the program with him for a full year. He's now a straight A honor student, and found out just today that he achieved a perfect reading score on the FCAT examination, Florida's standardized test.

Neil Berliner, M.D.