Reading Assessment

We are pleased to announce the soft launch of our new online Great Leaps reading assessment probes. Please note that this is still under BETA production. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!


Before beginning, the tutor and the child should be comfortable and away from distractions. The testing should take less than five minutes. The text should be easy for the child to read, that is no glare or bad angle to the viewing screen. When finished, the student will be given the correct placement to begin the story reading in Great Leaps.

This is not a reading assessment, but a placement tool. If used to ascertain student progress, it should not be utilized more than once every six months.

When reading, the student always begins with the title. If on the first reading the student does not read the title, tell him to read the title and continue. The clock still runs. If on the next story, the title is not read, it is counted as an error and the student is to go back and read that title with the timer running.

In the upper right hand corner of each placement story there is a timer clock and the words start and stop. Touch start button as the student begins to read and when the end of the story is reached, press the timer stop button. In order to assess the student, have them read all probes within exactly one (1) minute. You can see the timer as the student reads. As the student reads, count the errors. When the passage is complete and you have pressed the stop timer top button, type in the number of errors and then go to the next story. When the assessment is completed, you will be given the information necessary to accurately place a student in Great Leaps Reading.

Reading Assessment

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