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Through work in Phonics, High Frequency Word Phrases, Stories, and Depth of Knowledge based comprehension development questions your student will learn to read fluently with full comprehension and grow at a rate of 2 years or more per year! Instructor and student package is best for schools and tutors. 

FOR STUDENTS: Ages 11 through 14 reading below the 5th grade level

INSTRUCTION: One instructor with one student

For the most up to date materials go to Great Leaps Digital instructors benefit immediately from all current and future updates to our program. Digital subscriptions are sold separately. 


  • Affordable – One package can teach many students to read
  • Adaptable – Great Leaps can be implemented easily as a parent or in an entire district
  • Data Driven – Equal ratio charts are kept to gauge student progress and can be used to predict student progress
  • Efficient – All it takes is 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week
  • Simple – Great Leaps can be implemented by anyone who can read fluently


  • Fun Stories – Great Leaps only uses high interest material to make reading fun
  • Attention Span – Working just 15 minutes a day means students stay more focused and engaged
  • Improved Confidence – Individualized attention and positive reinforcement builds confidence and motivation
  • Academic Growth – Learning to read improves student performance in all classes
  • Behavior Academic confidence often leads to a decrease in referrals
  • Fluency 2 years of growth per year and the progress is charted and observable


  • Phonics, phrases and stories probes get increasingly difficult efficiently taking the student to an independent reading level
  • The package allows instructor and student to sit across from one another to minimize risk in a school setting


  • Instructor administers 3 1-minute timings in Phonics, Sight Phrases, and Stories
  • Word count and errors are charted after each timing
  • Ask 2-5 Depth of Knowledge questions to develop comprehension and in depth thinking


  • Immediate Correction when an error is made
  • Modeling sections the student is struggling on using the neural impress method
  • Constant positive reinforcement to build confidence and motivation


  • The Effects of a Fluency Intervention Program on the Fluency and Comprehension Outcomes of Middle-School Students with Severe Reading Deficits by Sally A. Spencer California State University; Northridge and Franklin R. Manis University of Southern California
  • Effects of a Reading Fluency Intervention for Middle Schoolers with Specific Learning Disabilities by Cecil D. Mercer, Kenneth U. Campbell, M. David Miller, Kenneth D. Mercer, and Holly B. Lane
  • Served over 500,000 students for over 20 years
  • Utilizes precision teaching methods


  • The most important thing in a students progress is an engaged instructor
  • Positive reinforcement from an instructor is what builds a students confidence and improves their relationship with learning and education
  • One on one instruction ensures the student’s focus and effort where a computer program along cannot
  • Teaching practices such as modeling and immediate correction are also best done by a caring instructor


  • One Reading Fluency 6-8 instructor and one student copy
  • 65 Phonics lessons
  • 80 Phrases lessons
  • 84 Stories with 4 levels of Depth of Knowledge questions
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